Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

In this tough economy, most people think that it is next to impossible to travel unless they spend a lot of money for it. If you are one of those who prefer to experience a little adventure without breaking the bank, you may want to check out these top 10 cheapest travel destinations for you and the whole family. Discover new sites and fascinating culture as you embark on an exciting journey to these must-see places – even when you are on a tight budget.

10. Northeastern USA

Top 3 cities in the northeastern part of the US including Washington DC, Boston and New York are great places to visit for penny pinchers out there. The best way to save money on your trip is by taking advantage of several budget bus companies that can connect you to various destinations such as Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Toronto. For as low as $5 on a one-way trip to these destinations, traveling is indeed as cheap as it can get. Aside from the relaxing ride in these buses, you can enjoy surfing on the web during a long trip because of the free wi-fi. So, forget about renting a car, and just ride these low-cost buses as you visit other parts of the US.

9. Japan

As compared with other famous destinations that are loaded with almost similar types of attractions (amusement parks, botanical gardens, shopping centers), Japan is a much cheaper option for thrifty travelers. If what you look for is excitement such as theme parks and ski runs, then you can find the perfect place to visit in Tokyo. What’s more, there are budget accommodations that will suit your budget just fine. In Tokyo, you can find charming guesthouses that will only cost you about $37 for an overnight stay.

8. Portugal

Now is the best time to visit Portugal, particularly the enchanting town of Porto. This cozy town boasts of its village-like plazas, beaches, and old-fashioned buildings decked in stunning azuelo tiles. For about $37 per night, you can find a decent accommodation such as inns furnished with charming antiques. To get around town, you can take a comfortable ride on a tram for less than $2, or hop on a ferry on your way to the beach – also at a cheap price of $2 for a ride. You can also explore nearby areas in a flat-bottomed boat for only $29, and that should be enough to let you have a glimpse of every beautiful places in this town.

7. Macedonia

Looking for a budget-friendly trip for you and your family? Macedonia is one of the finest places to explore because of its serene lakes, picturesque vineyards, and historic Byzantine churches. What’s more, Macedonia is a great stopover on your exciting Balkan trip. Private rooms at Macedonia ate quite cheap, and you can find a nice B&B for about $72. In addition, there are bus services available, and these can take you to must-visit spots such as the Galičica National Park where you find places to hike, go on a boating trip or swim.

6. Vietnam

Explore several enigmatic sites in Vietnam that are worth your time and money. In fact, getting by these fabulous areas in the country is very simple, and you may either ride a bus or experience the convenience of hiring moto-taxis. Popular attractions include Chau Doc, Vinh Long floating markets, and Ben Tre. If you are not fond of highly-populated places, then the Tra Vinh and Ha Tien are excellent options. As for boat trips, you can find the best deals at $5 to $10, and guesthouses cost about $10 up to $25.

5. Peru

Typically, a 5-day cruise around Amazon may cost you about $3500 excluding air fare. However, you can cut down this amazingly high price by dealing with locals in Iquitos, which is also the biggest city in the world that cannot be reached by land. These locals can tailor a trip of your choice at cheap prices whether you are up for a tour at piranha fishing spots, go dolphin watching at the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve, or visit the Otorongo Lodge located on the Colombian border.

4. Mexico

If you want to experience how it’s like to tour around the culture-rich Mexico, then you should do so by visiting some of the country’s historic places. For instance, you may rent historical homes that are converted into inns, and the cost is much cheaper than those at Cancun’s top resorts. You will also be amazed by the Plaza Grande, which features remarkable 16th century cathedrals and art museums. If you happen to stop by the plaza on weekends, then you can get caught up in the excitement as the place becomes the center of street parties and dance performances. There are also exciting day trips to five historic Mayan sites that cost for only $40 when you opt for the Ruta Puuc public bus.

3. Northern Ireland

Get a load of Northern Ireland’s literature, drama and music as you embark on this fascinating travel destination. In fact, Northern Ireland has invested more than $25 million into its local tourism, and foreign tourists can greatly benefit from this. Since the last quarter of 2012, there are more available flights coming from Belfast and London, and fares are much cheaper, as well. With more flights offered by several companies, you can take advantage of lower airfares for budget-conscious travelers.

2. Turkey

The impressive Turkish Riviera is a charming European destination that fits your budget perfectly. In the past year, hotel rates went down by 25 percent, which makes this place a must-visit location for economical travelers. One of the best places to begin your tour is in Antalya, a charming city in the southwestern coast of Turkey. It offers fantastic sights and placid ambience that will soothe your sense. What’s more, for about $100 per night, you can find lovely accommodation from waterfront resorts in the country.

1. Greece

Greece has experienced financial difficulties in the past years, which coincidentally makes it a budget-friendly destination for every traveler. In fact, you can find a cheap package that include plane fare and flight for two for only $2,800 – and that already includes taxes. This is indeed a great deal, as compared to the skyrocketing prices years back. Once you are in Greece, you can start exploring breathtaking beaches, historic ruins, and have a taste of authentic Greek dishes that will make your mouth water.

Have a blast in these top 10 budget destinations even when you are low on cash. By booking a trip to these exciting places in the world, you can boost your savings while giving yourself a relaxing time during your vacation.

How To Plan An Enjoyable And Memorable Fishing Trip

Fishing trips can be a great adventure that can create life long memories. Fishing is very exhilarating and refreshing. Be it with the family or with friends, fishing is the best time to enjoy and bond with the loved ones. With some preparation and research, it can be ensured that the memories made are good ones. Before trekking off aimlessly in search of water, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Budget:

When planning a fishing trip the first thing that needs to be sorted is, the budget. This is a key factor that will decide the entire trip. It is based on the budget that one will be able to choose which place to go to and what kind of fishing to indulge in. Once this is decided, choosing and planning the things to follow becomes easier.


The location selection depends on various factors. The time you want to spend on the trip and the activities that you would like to get involved in all has to be considered when deciding the destination. Next on the list is what species of fish is the target. Going to a destination that is rich in Barracuda when while targeting a Marlin, will end up in no fun.

Once what fish to target has been decided, destinations that are abundant in these species should be looked up. But if the objective of the trip is just the fun of fishing and there is no particular interest on any species, then choosing the destination becomes a little easier. After closing in on a destination, all the necessary details should be found out.


One should have a good knowledge about the weather of the chosen fishing destination. This will give an idea of what precautions should be taken when going to that place. It is important to know what kind of clothes and other accessories should be carried for the trip.

Fishing season:

Getting a clear picture of the fishing season the chosen location will always be handy as this will tell what species of fish are present in the waters at the time of the trip. This will also provide a clue of what type of fishing gear should be carried.

The Stay:

While planning to go fishing to a distant place, one has to find a place to camp when not in the ocean. After the fishing destination is decided, pondering on where to stay on reaching the destination is a must. Checking online or getting in touch with travel operators of that location can get a good picture of the best places to stay.

Once everything is sorted what is left is picking the right fishing gear, bait and appropriate clothes and accessories to have a great fishing trip.

Tips for a Successful First-Time Trip to a New Destination

Travelling is becoming a popular hobby for many people all over the world. People are increasingly become passionate travelers looking for new places to make trips to. It takes a lot of preparation to guarantee a successful first time trip to a place one has never visited before. This article offers some of the important steps that travelers have to take into consideration when looking to make a trip to a new destination. These steps include:

Research about your destination

You need to be sure of what to expect once you arrive at your new destination. Go online and search for all the information about the place you want to visit. You can purchase guidebooks to the place and you can also consider making some calls to tour guides serving at the destination you intend to visit. In the case that your trip is outside your country of residence, consider enquiring from your country’s foreign mission where the destination is located. Ensure that you have all the details about the security situation of the destination, the types and costs of hotels at the destination and all other information that will serve to aid your comfort and safety once you are at the new destination.

Be prepared to get lost

It is a fact that in making a first time trip to a new destination you do not know what to expect. In this respect, it is proper that you prepare to get lost. Depending on the terrain of the destination, you must never forget to carry a travelers’ kit with a working campus and a traveler’s watch. Carry along a communication gadget and reliable contacts that you can reach out to in case you are stranded and you need help. Be sure to inform members of your team of the direction you want to move out to before leaving. Carry a map that will help you navigate your destination with ease and ensure that you are properly dressed to walk through the conditions you may encounter at your destination. Carry enough food and water and in case it is night, be sure you have a means of lighting that will help you trace your way back to your place of residence. To avoid instances of getting lost, it is recommended that you hire a local guide who will help you move from place to place without worrying of getting lost.

Be adventurous

This is your first trip to the destination and you seriously have to get the best out of it. Do not confine yourself to what you think is directly available at the destination. Be enthusiastic and move to out to enjoy your trip by venturing into doing whatever you think will make your trip fascinating and interesting. Visit all the amenities around your destination and see what kinds of fun activities are available. Just do whatever it takes to ensure that you live to remember your first trip to this new destination. You can ask your local guide on the available adventurous events available at your destination and then make a decision on what will make your trip worth remembering.

You need to keenly plan and ensure that you are ready for any eventuality if you are to enjoy a successful first time trip to a new destination. Go out there and enjoy your trip.

British Columbia Coastal Road Trip

The Pacific North West of North America offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. From giant rain forests to the coastal landscapes, you will find natural beauty and wildlife abound. There is no better place to start your British Columbia coastal road trip then from Vancouver, BC. From this mild-mannered stunningly beautiful city, you can easily access the more remote coastal sites quickly and easily.

It is recommended that you rent a car for you travel as connecting busses and other forms of transportation like sea planes are not always convenient and typically more expensive. The flexibility of getting around in your own rented vehicle will allow you to be on your own schedule and access places off the beaten path where many adventures await. When deciding on your Vancouver car rental, consider Pacific Car Rentals who’s locally owned operation offers great service and knowledge to ensure your trip is the great experience you always wanted it to be.

The recommended vehicle for your coastal road trip would be an SUV. An SUV rental will get you everywhere you need to get as sometimes the coastal roads can get a bit rugged especially as you venture off the beaten path. This is the case year round but especially in the fall and winter months where it can get very wet and sometimes even covered in snow. Getting yourself in an SUV from your Vancouver car rental will give you the confidence that you will be traveling comfortably everywhere you may roam.

Once you get in your Vancouver rental car and hit the open road you have a few immediate options. You can stay on the main land and head into the Coastal Mountains up to Whistler and beyond. You will take one of the most beautiful highway routes in the world called the Sea to Sky that winds along a mountain valley fjord until you find yourself amongst 2000 metre mountains. You can continue on beyond Whistler and continue into the Central-Northern part of British Columbia, or you can stop at Whistler and enjoy the luxuries of a world class mountain resort. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Whistler, there will always be many activities to do and things to see.

Another route is to head through the very upscale West Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay ferries where you can take a short ferry ride across the water to access the Sunshine Coast. This sleepy relatively unknown area of the West Coasts offers countless bed and breakfast stops all along the water. Beaches and coves scatter the drive and you’re a quick little turn off from feeling like you are far away from civilization. Along this drive you can hop to other islands or continue along though little villages where you can get on the water to fish or take tours.

The deservedly well-known coastal trip is to ferry over to Vancouver Island where the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, is located. This city has its old world charms and is filled with the very relaxed inhabitants who love the island life. There are many other spectacular stops along the inside coast of the island like Campbell River or Jordan River, but you should really get yourself on the outside western part of the island. Head toward Tofino and Uculet where you will be at the wide open Pacific Ocean. The drive across the island is very special as you wind along a gorgeous inlet and pass by old growth forests. When you arrive you can hit the beaches, surf, camp in the forest, explore the local heritage in unique museums or just adventure. This part of the island it notorious for the rain that it gets but don’t let that deter you. Many travelers from around the world are making destination trips to Tofino just to see the famous storms rolling in off the massive Pacific Ocean. As the waves and weather systems hit land you witness some of the most powerful aspects of Nature like nowhere else. We don’t advise driving during this weather but if you get into a comfortable fireside cabin overlooking the coast you will enjoy!

The Coastal adventures of British Columbia are very accessible by car through the highway network. Remember to take a chance off the beaten path to find adventures that you won’t read about in any guide book but will be the memories you cherish for a lifetime. Get in your Vancouver car rental and go on your unforgettable road trip!

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Trips to Ireland: Some Must-See Destinations

Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, is the most populated place in the island. The city prides itself as one of the alpha global cities in the world. Here are some of the best destinations to check out when you visit the island’s capital:

Phoenix Park

Want to experience a serene ambiance while discovering nature? Phoenix Park is considered among the top attractions in Dublin because of its quiet yet exotic appeal. Apart from sightseeing and nature walking, the park is also home to Dublin Zoo, botanical gardens, playground spaces for kids, sports grounds, and visitor center.

Kilmainham Gaol

Are you fond of historic sites or specialty museums? If you’re a history geek, you might find Kilmainham Gaol really interesting because of the unique experience it can give you. A lot of tourists consider the place a great walk to history as it lets them relive or at least witness through exploration the different stories behind this old jail known for its notoriety to prisoners in the 19th century.

The City of Cork – the second largest in the state in terms of land area – is also a known destination among tourists visiting Ireland. Mizen Vision, for one, serves as a great lookout to explore different geologic formations in the island. The view and the travel are both enjoyable because of the picturesque sceneries you can check out while on the road. Fota Wildlife Park, on the other hand, is one of the city’s must-see places for the whole family. A lot of reviews about the place talk about seeing a wide array of wild animals in natural environment, as well as enjoying train rides to explore the whole place.

The first to be awarded the distinction of City of Culture, Limerick is fifth in Ireland in terms of population density. University of Limerick is among the city’s well-visited educational sites. Despite being primarily an educational institution, UL is considered a top tourist favorite because of its interesting infrastructures, arts and mural pieces, picturesque river views, and unique sculptures. Ballyhoura Walking Trails is also a popular favorite because of the excellent trek and guided nature walks it can offer.

A well-known point of interest in the city of Sligo, on the other hand, is Knocknarea. The short climb to the mountains is known to offer fantastic views at the top, especially during sunrise on a clear, sunny day. The view at Glencar Lake is also another feast for nature lovers out there. Different tourists consider it a magical lake because of the spectacular view of this body of water above the road on a sunny day.

With its various tourist destinations, trips to Ireland will surely be worth it for all the exciting and interesting places you can explore. Make sure to plan your itinerary by choosing a target destination first among the top cities in the island.